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Real World IT Skills

We teach you real world enterprise skills and get you certified from world leading tech organizations. Globally recognized certifications boost your career.

The only skill that will be important in the 21st century is the skill of learning new skills. Everything else will become obsolete over time.
Peter Drucker

Whether you are completely new or having some years of experience, our courses are designed for all. 99.95% cleared certification exam in their first attempt. 93% Freshers are employed. Record of 500% maximum salary hike.

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Some of our student's success stories

He was not happy with his college campus placement offers, after attending 6 months training, he has been hired by JIO and his has been offered 110% Higher salary.
Hired by SaS, with 90% higher salary  as compared to college placement offers..
Was struggling for a job. Now hired by Dell.
Did not know what to do and how to proceed. We trained him, helped him get certified and hired by Dell.
Completed M.C.A, was looking for a technology related job but couldn’t find one, started with Sales Job and started our trainings. After 3 months of training, completed his first certification and he was hired by TCS.

He continues, completed two more certifications and now hired by ATOS with a 140% Salary Hike. Now he lives in London.

INR.20K / Month Sri Lanka TO INR.6.5 Lacs / Month, USA.


He is from Sri Lanka, he started working for a local company, worked for 4 years for the same company. Earning salary of INR.20K per month approx.

He started training with our experts and in 1.5 years, He completed 8 certifications.  He was hired by CISCO with salary hike of 260%

He is from Egypt and he has been our student from last 6 years, successfully completed 9 certifications one – by – one.

Now he has been hired by Google. He is getting a salary of INR.14 Lacs per month. 

The list goes on, in last 10+ years, we have placed 

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Students in 100+ reputed organizations.

With minimum of 90% salary hike. 

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Microsoft Certification - AZ 900 [ Fresher ]

AZ - 900 - Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
Students Per Group : 15-20
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Microsoft Certification - AZ 500 [ Fresher ]

AZ - 500 - Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate
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AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty

AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty
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All our trainings are executed by
certified & veteran IT Experts only